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After builders cleaning

Excel Cleaning Services offers high quality and cheap After builders cleaning services in London, Birmingham, Oxford and many other parts of South East England. We know how intimidating the pricess of professional cleaning services might sound, but once you see the results we can achieve, you'll know that we are the right choice for you. Please take a look at the professional services such as end of tenancy cleaning, after builders cleaning and others that we offer in many areas around the UK, which you can see right here.

Quality and high prices aren't always necessarily something that goes hand to hand and with our cleaning services you'll see that. We might only use the best cleaning detergents to clean your property, but with our booking system allowing us to work a couple of jobs in the same area a day, we have lowered the final prices and we pass the savings on to the final customer. Take a look at the prices we offer, but keep in mind that in some instances other additional charges and fees may apply. To get a fixed price that you will pay at the end of the session and not get mislead, simply contact our call operators or use our quote form.

For your convenience we work everyday and cleaning your property on bank holidays does not cost extra. We offer overnight cleaning services such as overnight end of tenancy cleaning and after builders cleaning as well.

After construction cleaning

After builders cleaning is a hard job, but we handle it flawlessly

After builders cleaning 

When your house or flat has been renovated, there are always tons of debris and junk left when the construction workers are done with their job. After all the builders are not there to keep things clean, but instead to make your property look more modern or achieve whatever result  you are after. They do not really work to keep the place looking sparkling clean and it's simply not their job to do so. It is our job to do it though and everyone here at Gitanas Cleaning is ready to work hard and go over the extra mile to achieve the maximum results to make your home look the best it can. We often work extra long to make sure that all of the customers' requirements are catered to and all of our cleaning technicians that carry out the after builders cleaning are prepared to clean every little bit of dust or debris. We use professional cleaning detergents and construction grade vacuum cleaners that will surely make your property look spotless.

We professionally clean after renovation at least 50 properties a month in and in all honesty we believe that our cleaning services are the best you could find in anyway. 

Cheap after builders cleaning

Our insured professional after builders cleaning technicians in are not only the best at what they do, but they also do their fantastic work at great rates. The secret behind our low prices and affordable after builders cleaning in is that we don't hire the cleaners, but instead have them on permanent contracts that allow us to only keep the very best ones. We work very closely with our clients as well as estate agents and landlords to keep track of the quality of the work. We have developed a 5 star rating system to track how good each team is and we only allow the people trat consistently keep a high customer satisfaction rate onboard. When a customer is unhappy with the job done by some of our cleaning technicians in , we send a team to re-clean the property, which is different then the initial team sent and this is also written as a part of the teams' monthly valuation. This is the system we have in place to keep our customers always satisfied and it has worked wonders in terms of overall customer happiness. 


  • Most affordable after builders cleaning 
  • Professional rubbish removals available
  • High quality efficient cleaning teams local to

    Professional after renovation cleaners 

    Gitanas Cleaning is a keyholder approved cleaning company , which allows you to go and do your thing while we do ours. We will clean the property after the builders leave and you don't even need to be there while the cleaning session lasts. This is a great option if you are unable to work your shedule in a way to stay at the premisis while we clean it. Although our office staff always makes sure to get the cleaning scheduled around you, there are some times when you are simply unable to be there and that's completely fine. We take care of everything for you. 


Unless you need a post murder scene cleaning, we at Gitanas Cleaning can do pretty much every other type of cleaning for you. We have specialized in after builders cleaning , but could help out with a ton of other jobs such as:

  • Rug cleaning or carpet stain removal 
  • Oven cleaning, extractor fan cleaning and hob clean 
  • Pressure washing for your patio 
  • Local  after builders cleaning
  • High quality end of tenancy cleaning done with professional top shelf detergents
  • Local  carpet cleaners
  • Mattress cleaning  
  • Urine stain removal

Being punctual is one of the cornerstones of our company's efficiency. We have worked hard with a team of developers and Google services, to make sure that we're always on time for the after builders cleaning . The reason we're able to do so is that with our modern customer relation managemen system allows us to calculate the time necessary to arrive to your property considering the current traffic and a lot more important factors.

After builders cleaning prices

As a part of the after builders cleaning process we offer the following types of builders cleaning:

  • After Builders Bathroom Cleaning
  • After Builders Kitchen Cleaning 
  • Builders Cleans 
  • Bedroom after builders cleaning
  • Porch builders cleaners
  • Junk Clearance
Types of propertyAfter builders cleaning + Rubbish removals
Studio Flat 129 GBP 169 GBP
1 Bedroom property 169 GBP 199 GBP
2 Bedroom property
199 GBP 229 GBP
3 Bedroom property
209 GBP 249 GBP
4 Bedroom property
229 GBP 289 GBP
Larger properties Depends on the size Depending on the size

Prices mentioned above are indicative and shouldn't be used to determine the final price for your own property. We calculate the prices depending on the time of the day, the property address as well as a lot of other factors that could make the price much lower and save you a lot of money. Our company always tries to work to the best interest of the clients in that we have.

Customers testimonials

A really great job, a fantastic friendly cleaning team and a deposit safely returned in full from my landlord. Nothing else I could ask for really! Thanks Gitanas Cleaning!

- Lesley Bowens / East Oxfordshire | 10-09-2014

Hi, I love to see Gitanas Cleaning doing their After builders cleaning job eagerly. I haven't used professional cleaning services before, but this one is awesome. If I need a After construction cleaning, no doubt, I'll call you again. Thank you,

- Vanessa Grant / Fareham

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