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Gitanas Cleaning cleaning services

Gitanas Cleaning professional South East England based cleaning company

Your partner in professional end of tenancy cleaning

Need the best end of tenancy cleaning?

Gitanas Cleaning Services is a reliable partner for anyone who wants to get their money's worth when it comes to cleaning. At Gitanas Cleaning Services we rely heavily on customer satisfaction to get more customers and as our main marketing channel is word of mouth, we've decided to do our best to make an amazing impression to the people that have already hired us, so they come back and recommend us to their friends, colleagues and family. Here at Gitanas Cleaning Services our cleaners go through an extensive training to be able to do the best end of tenancy cleaning for you and our work doesn't end there. We have already developed a great system to be there exactly when you need us and to do exactly what's necessary.

Not just that, but at Gitanas Cleaning Services, our prices are also amazing. Take a look at just how good the prices we offer are and you're surely going to be intrigued. Although these prices serve as a benchmark for basic information, we are surely going to be one of the low cost options that are going to enable you to reclaim your security deposit back. Gitanas Cleaning doesn't only offer end of tenancy cleaning of course, although that's what we specialize in. We also offer professional Carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, after builders cleaning and many other services.

If you are looking to get professional cleaning care for your home, we at Gitanas Cleaning are available to discuss the details 7 days a week. Call one of our associates over the phone or use our free quote form here. Also before booking your cleaning service with us, please make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of Gitanas Cleaning and you are aware of them.

Here's what Gitanas Cleaning is all about

Gitanas Cleaning' founder George Barlow

I'm George and I'm pleased that you have found our website. We at Gitanas Cleaning are looking forward to our mutual business and hopefully once you've heard what we have to offer, you'll pick us for your end of tenancy cleaning or after builders cleaning. In order to try to explain what we're different with, I've got to go a little back before I started business and before Gitanas Cleaning was even started. I used to live in London and that's where I first struggled with finding professional cleaning help at reasonable prices. Back then I was a student and changed apartments pretty often for one reason, or another. The lack of reasonably priced cleaning companies that were offering certified cleaners was something that I had to deal with more than a few times and considering the amount of money I had spent paying "cleaners" that at the end disappointed both me and my landlords or estate agents made me start what is now one of the biggest cleaning companies in South East England. With the help of a friend who was an internet marketer I was able to bring the business to a lot of people that needed professional cleaning at reasonable prices and nowadays these two things are still the main advantages of our business. We continue to improve and our services are now more than 10. A wide variety of professional services, combined with trained, insured and well trained cleaners has kept us ahead of the competition for this time and we will continue to offer the best care for every single customer that trusts us with the cleaning of their home, office or rental property..

At Gitanas Cleaning we don't leave anything to chance and we know that sometimes even the most professional cleaners could miss something. That's why we conduct inspections randomly on properties, which keeps our cleaners always doing their best and the feedback system that we've given our customers helps us improve all the time.

We cover almost all cities throughout the South East of England and our main headquarters is still based in London where it all started. We have devoted ourselves to the mission to make the lifes of people in All of England easier and care free, so they have the time to enjoy their lives and spend time with their families.

We try to make it easier for 08000239185 or by using our contact form here.

Our call centre is based in London where the company started

They are also ready to answer your queries 7 days a week, we work on bank holidays too!

Probably one of the easiest things that you could do is contacting us and you're guaranteed to always get a hold of a real person right away. This is the main advantage that Gitanas Cleaning has over many other companies that are either understaffed or are simply too big and don't really care for each customer.

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Cheap cleaning services in Oxford and other areas

Our fully equipped vans

Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex, we offer our services everywhere throughout South East England.